You can own property at the most luxurious resort in the Canadian Rockies for a lot less than you think. Solara Resort & Spa is now offering Fractional Ownership: Quarter, Sixth, and Twelfth Ownership Opportunities starting from just $29,900*.

Fractional Ownership allows you to invest and enjoy one of the nicest and most luxurious properties in Canmore in a manner that matches your busy lifestyle. Busy people with full time residences don’t have the time to enjoy their vacation home 365 days per year – although they may be striving to do so! With Fractional Ownership, you only own the amount of real estate that actually matches the amount of use you need. This way you pay for only what approximates your own expected level of use, and still get everything you want in a vacation home.

Even better, when you’re not using what you own, you can participate in the rental management program offered by Bellstar and enjoy the resort exchange privileges that come from being a Club Interval Gold Member. To enjoy visiting destinations around the world, you simply exchange use of your own resort with one of over 2,600 hotel & resort properties within the Interval index of properties. Just a few of the quality hotel brands include Marriott, Sheraton, Westin and the Four Seasons.

With the introduction of Fractional Ownership at Solara Resort & Spa, owning your own piece of heaven is now well within reach.

Why does Fractional Ownership make sense?

  • You purchase the amount of property that best fits your needs
  • Operating costs are shared
  • This is “Titled Real Estate” ----NOT Timeshare
  • Evenly distributed weeks that rotate and match your vacation patterns
  • “Lock and Leave Lifestyle”
  • Ability to participate in the professionally managed rental management program
  • Club Interval Gold Exchange Privileges with over 2,600 resorts worldwide
  • 0% Financing for qualified parties*

* Some conditions apply; Contact us for details.



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